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UK Trademark Registration
About UK trademark registration

Trademark Management Agency

Trademark applicants need to submit a one-time application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which is approved to obtain trademark rights in the 28 EU member states.

Principles of Trademark Protection

Trademarks in the European Union are conducted in the form of the "first use principle". It means that if two or more applicants apply for registration with the same or similar trademarks on the same product or similar products, the European Union Intellectual Property Office will accept the trademark registration application of the first user. Even if the trademark has not yet been registered, but it is continuously used, it is considered as a "prior" trademark at the time of registration.

Trademark protection period and renewal

The term of protection is 10 years from the date of registration, and thereafter it can be extended indefinitely, and each time it can be extended for 10 years. Trademark owners can apply for extension of the registered trademark 6 months before the expiration of the term. If you fail to apply for extension within the statutory period, the trademark right will be cancelled.


Trademark application

Substantive examination

​(Absolute reason)


Announcement of Trademark




Rejection decision

​Trademark registration process
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