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Overseas Patent Application

Patents are granted by national patent offices of various countries. If applicants want to obtain patents in multiple countries, they can file regional patent applications through the Paris Convention or other regional patent organizations (such as the European Patent Office, Eurasian Patent Organization, etc.), or through the "Patents" managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization. "Patent Cooperation Treaty" (PCT, Patent Cooperation Treaty) filed international patent applications. In addition, in order to assist applicants in their market expansion plans, we also provide patent application services in a number of overseas countries and regions.

application type

Different countries and regions have different classifications of patent types. Examples are as follows:

  • China: Utility model patents, appearance designs, patents and invention patents

  • Hong Kong: standard patents, short-term patents, design patents

  • United States: U.S. Patent, U.S. Appearance Patent

  • Japan: invention patents, design patents, utility model patents

  • Europe: European patents, EU designs

PCT required information

  • application

  • Invention title

  • Applicant's name and address

  • Name and address of inventor or designer

  • Types of patents to be applied for

  • The filing date, application number and patent category of the international application (if applicable)

  • Application Power of Attorney

  • Patent documents#

PCT application process

  • Determine the type of application

  • Submission of local applications (international phase)

  • International search and examination

  • Submit an international application (national phase)

  • Licensing

  • Get a certificate

Maximum validity period

Different countries have different regulations on the duration of patent protection. Invention patents are generally 20 years, and utility models are generally 10 years.

#Patent documents include:

Claims: the most important of the patent documents, used to illustrate the scope of protection of the patented technology

Abstract: The main technical outline of the patent

Manual: Explain the details and characteristics of the patented technology in text

Attached drawings: Use pictures to help illustrate the structure or details of the patent

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