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Macau Trademark Registration
About  Trademark in Macau

Trademark Authority

Applicants is required to submit their applications to The Intellectual Property Department of the Macao Economic Services  for examination in order to obtain trademark rights and protection in Macau.

Filing requirements and Required Documents 

For an application for a trademark registration in Macau should contain:

  • Trademark specimen

  • Applicant's name and address

  • Description of goods and services

  • An original notarized Power of Attorney (Original POA need to be filed within 1 month from application date to Macau Agent)






Duration of Trademark

The duration of Trademark is 7 years from the date of registration.


Renewal of Trademark

Trademark owner will be able to renew their trademark registration 6 months before the expiration date. Trademark registrations can be renewed every 7 years.

Documents required for Notarization

  • Hong Kong Company 

    a.  Limited Company (New incorporated):
    -    NNC1 Form, Board Resolution, A copy of director's identity proof

    b.  Limited Company (Incorporated More than 1 year): 
    -     NAR1 Form, Board Resolution, A copy of director's identity proof


  • Overseas Company 

    Certificate of Incorporation, Board Resolution


Submit a trademark application


Deficiencies Checking

(within 1 month)


Publication for opposition

(first publication)


Substantive examination of Application


Approval and Publication of Registration

(Second publication)


Registration and issuing certificate

​Trademark registration process

Apply Now

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