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China Trademark Registration
About China Trademark Registration

Trademark Management Agency

Trademark applicants need to submit an application to the State Intellectual Property Office , and obtain trademark rights after examination and approval.

Documents required to apply for trademark registration

The following documents are required for general application.

After we receive this information document, we will draft the relevant application documents based on the documents and information provided.

  1. Legal person application (limited company): company registration certificate (BR)

  2. Personal application: proof of identity and address ​, application and risk confirmation, trademark drawings, power of attorney

Principles of Trademark Protection

China's trademark law is conducted in the form of the "first-to-file principle". It means that if two or more applicants apply for registration with the same or similar trademarks on the same product or similar products, the State Intellectual Property Office will accept the first trademark registration application, and for subsequent trademarks The registration application was rejected. The prior application is determined based on the date when the applicant filed the application for trademark registration. The date of application for trademark registration shall be the date when the State Intellectual Property Office received the application. .

Trademark protection scope

China's trademarks adopt the "territorial protection principle" , which means that the scope of protection of trademark rights obtained in a successfully registered area is limited to its territory. Therefore, although trademarks have been approved for registration in China, if goods are to be marketed in other countries, it is best to register them in other countries to avoid infringing on the trademark rights of others.

Trademark protection period

The protection period is 10 years from the date of registration.

Trademark renewal

The trademark owner can apply for renewal of the registered trademark 6 months before the expiration , and thereafter it can be extended for an unlimited number of times, each time it can be extended for 10 years.

​Trademark registration process

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