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Taiwan Trademark Registration
About Trademark in Taiwan

Trademark Authority

Applicant is required to submit their trademark application to the Intellectual Property Office Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. for examination in order to obtain trademark rights and protection in Taiwan.


Filing requirements and Required Documents

For an application for a trademark registration in Taiwan should contain:

1.   Trademark specimen/ logo

2.   Applicant's details:

      a.    Individuals - Identity & Address Proof

      b.    Corporation (Limited Company) - A Copy of Business Registration Certificate/               Certificate of Incorporation

3.    Description of goods and services

4.    A signed Power of Attorney (filed within 3 months from application date)

Duration of Trademark

The duration of Trademark is 10 years from the date of registration. 

Renewal of Trademark

The trademark owner may apply for the renewal of the registered trademark 6 months before the expiration, and can be renewed every 10 years. 

Tips for registered  Taiwan trademark

  • Trademark Color :Black & White or Colored
     (Black & White will be suggested; fewer elements of the TM, more rights can be exercised in future)

Issue Certificate


Submit a trademark application 


Formality and substantive examination

Notice of Allowance issued and registration fee should be paid within two months 


Publication for opposition for 3 months 

​Trademark Registration Process


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