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Patent Application

​What is a patent?

The patent owner can exercise the legal rights granted by the patent, and others cannot manufacture, use, distribute, sell, or import or export related inventions without the consent of the patent owner. If you think your patented invention has the opportunity to bring you commercial benefits, please apply for a patent for the invention as soon as possible to prevent others from using your invention for profit (plagiarism without permission, or deconstructing the patent by reverse engineering methods) Product/program).

*Please note that before submitting an application for patent registration anywhere, please do not disclose the invention publicly, because publishing and disclosing the invention will cause the applied patent to lose its novelty and cannot be effectively registered. Therefore, in order to protect the novelty of the invention, we recommend that Before the invention is disclosed, apply for patent registration for the invention as soon as possible. If such disclosure is necessary, a confidentiality agreement should be established to ensure that the relevant invention is disclosed and loses its novelty.

"Patent Cooperation Treaty"

According to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the aim is to file a single application for an invention, that is, to apply for patent protection for the invention at the same time in each country in many countries, simplifying the application of patents to multiple countries one by one through the country. Pattern.

However, at a later stage when an international patent application is filed, consideration must be given to deciding which treaty contracting states the international application designates to continue to apply for patents, and requesting the application to enter the national phase of the contracting states, so as to implement patent protection in that country. If the international patent application specifies China, the applicant can choose to apply for protection of a transcription standard patent or short-term patent in Hong Kong after the application enters the national phase of China.

Benefits of applying for a patent



Obtain monopoly power,

Get a higher profit return


Intangible assets

Can be sold, transferred, pledged, and evaluated

​Prevent theft

Prevent others from imitating new technologies and products developed by the company, with legal protection effect


Small wins big

Improve visibility and get government support


Monopolize the market

Use patented technology as a defense shield,

Expand market share

Go international

Assist in the development of foreign markets

Patent classification

Three types of patents:


New technical solutions proposed to protect products, methods or their improvements

Utility model patents:

Protect the shape, structure or combination of physical products for practical and novel technical solutions

Appearance design patent:

Protect the shape, pattern or combination of products, and the combination of color, shape, and pattern to make new designs for industrial applications

The most important conditions for applying for a patent



"Useful"-can be practically applied in industry or industry



"New"-new features that have not been discovered by existing technologies



"Non-obvious"-prominent substantive features and significant progress that are not obvious to a person with general knowledge in the technical field

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