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The packaging, specifications, and shapes are all similar. Who has the pure blood?

Danish blue tin cookies, I believe Hong Kong people have heard it carefully. Everyone knows some of its stories. For example, the products will only be sold abroad and will not be sold locally in Denmark. In recent years, a large number of cookies with similar packaging have appeared on the market, some of which claim to be made in Denmark. Two of the well-known manufacturers Danish Blue Can Cookies and Crown Danish Cookies have recently filed a lawsuit against the courts in Mainland China.

Crown Danish Cookies Controls Unfair Competition with Danish Blue Can Cookies

Beijing Haidian Court Network announced on May 13 that the producer of Crown Danish Cookies, Danish Specialty Food Co., Ltd., and distributor You Yijia (Shanghai) Food Trading Co., Ltd., sued Danish Qixin Blue Can Co., Ltd., etc. 6 The manufacturer, importer and distributor of Danish blue can cookies, on the grounds of unfair competition, claimed 30 million yuan, and the Haidian Court has accepted it. The two companies have been in court before, and the products of the two companies are very similar in terms of packaging, specifications and cookie shapes. The same 908 grams of Danish blue jar cookies are priced at 115 yuan in the mainland, and Crown Danish cookies are Sale for 105 yuan.

In 2015, the two brands won the case against Blue Can for the first time in court, and the two brands first settled their grievances about 4 years ago. In November 2014, an intellectual property expert suggested to Qixin Blue Can Company to take legal action to eliminate the confusion between the two brands. Qixin Blue Can Company sued the court in 2015 on the grounds of abnormal competition. The case was concluded in January 2018. The judgment requires Crown Danish Cookies, You Yijia, to stop false propaganda, stop using propaganda statements such as "Royal" and "Denmark Royal Family", and pay 2 million yuan in compensation.

Crown Danish Cookies countered Danish Blue Can Cookies on May 13 this year, claiming that the other party had promoted multiple extreme terms and was suspected of false propaganda, such as claiming to be "from 1933" and having a "hundred-year history", but in 1933 Less than 100 years old. The official website advertised that "Denmark blue tin cookies have accompanied generations of the Danish royal family to grow up since their birth." However, in fact, they were only certified for use by the Danish royal family in 2009. The part of the lawsuit has now developed here. Both companies claim to be from Denmark, but are there any differences between them? Mainland "AI Finance and Economics" compiled the background and related reports of the two brands.

Reported that Crown Danish cookies were registered in China before Denmark

The public information of Crown Danish cookies shows that they originated from Denmark and were produced by Danish Specialty Foods Co., Ltd. The brand name "Danisa" of Crown Danish cookies is similar to Danish. In 2014, the "Legal Evening News" investigated Denise, and found that it was registered in Denmark on May 1, 1988, with a registered capital of 100,000 Danish kroner. The registered place is located in a 3-storey property in the north of Copenhagen, and another 32 All companies are registered in this property. "Legal Evening News" was unable to contact the Danish staff in Denmark.

One point mentioned in the report is that the introduction of Crown Danish Cookies states: "Since the 1980s, Danish Specialty Food Co., Ltd. has authorized the Mayora set with full authority. Danisa's global production, packaging and sales. 1986 Danisa entered the Chinese market and registered a Chinese name under the name "Crown." This is what everyone knows today as Danisa Crown Danish Cookies.” In other words, Crown Danish Cookies were registered in Denmark two years after they entered China. . The company's current publicity statement has been changed to "Enter China in the 1990s." Danish Blue Jar Cookies and Crown Danish Cookies, who is "Zhengyin"? What company is behind the two companies? Is there any official support? The following continues to dismantle the ins and outs of the two companies.

The company's equity behind Crown Danish Cookies is complicated

Behind the Crown Danish Cookies, several companies have complicated relationships. According to the information quoted by "AI Finance and Economics", Denise stated that Mayora, which is fully authorized to produce, package and sell, is located in Indonesia, and its Chinese name is Maida Group. It is reported that You Yijia is the general agent company established by Mai Da Group in China in 2007.

According to other public information, You Yijia was established on July 14, 2008. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a foreign-invested company in Singapore. The executive directors and supervisors are both Danish Specialty Foods (Shandong) Co., Ltd. and Maida Foods. (Shandong) Co., Ltd., and the latter two companies have exactly the same shareholding structure, which is held by Denise and Mai Da Singapore Co., Ltd. and 50%.

In 2015, told officials that most of the cookies are made in Indonesia

Danish's official website mentioned that Crown Danish Cookies have factories in Indonesia and Denmark. The factory is named Tylstrup Kager and is located in the small Danish town of Støvring. The history of the factory can be traced back to 1965. In 2015, the Jiyang County Government of Jinan City, Shandong Province accepted the invitation of Denise to visit the factory in Støvring. At that time, Erik Bresling, Chief Executive Officer of Denise, introduced to Jiyang government officials that most of the Crown Danish cookies were produced in Indonesia. In the future, after the Jiyang factory is built, Chinese consumers will be able to taste the fresh food for the first time. Danish cookies.

The company behind Crown Danish Cookies is complicated. In contrast, Danish Blue Jar Cookies are much simpler.

Fight to the tennis court and sponsor the Danish badminton team

The two companies have been fighting fiercely in the Chinese market for many years. Since 2012, Crown Danish cookie sales have become the champion. Since 2015, they have become the official partner of the Danish national badminton team. In 2017, they became the overall title sponsor. In 2015, Danish Blue Can Cookies was not to be outdone, and became the personal sponsor of the 5 main players of the Danish badminton team. The anecdote that two cookie brands sponsored at the same time caused the 5 main players to be removed and the Danish team Unable to compete for the championship.

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